Augmented Reality – 360 Gyro

Coco Pops Adventures

Kellogg’s Coco Pops wanted to create more brand recognition and get kids to engage and build affinity with their renowned mascot, Coco the Monkey.

The Brief

Create an edutainment experience that helped parents entertain their little ones, but also got children excited about learning at the same time.

UX Design

Early stage of story development, exploring and cultivating the key content of the experience.

UI Design

Finalising the principles of the user interface and accompanying 3D assets for the experience.

The AR Experience


We created Coco Pops Adventures; an immersive AR experience where kids travel with Coco through a chocolatey vortex to exotic destinations, and collect precious golden cocoa pods along the way.

Throughout each unique adventure – from ancient Maya jungles to vast Arabian deserts ­– children’s general knowledge, maths and memory skills, as well as physical fitness, are put to the test. They were also encouraged to share the experience and compete with their friends using social media.